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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Who we are

Our governing body currently has 14 members and each governor serves a four-year term.

Representation Name End date Role
Co-opted Mrs Tessa Atton 8 October 2025  
Mr Stephen Benwell 8 March 2023 Vice Chair
Rosalind Poulter 20 March 2023  
Mrs Kerry Dibben 18 July 2025  
Mr Ian Gordon 8 March 2023  
Mr Richard Knight 23 January 2026  
Vacancy Vacancy Vacancy
Mrs Lorraine Suchanek 1 November 2024 Chair
Headteacher Mr Jamie Dodson    Headteacher
Local Authority Cllr Jackie Porter 6 October 2023  
Parents Mrs Caroline Horne 29 March 2025  
Jenna Mansbridge 17 January 2025  
Vacancy Vacancy Vacancy
Staff Miss E. Eggleston 28 April 2023 Deputy Headteacher

Associate Member*

Helen Morgan   Assistant Headteacher

The Clerk to the Governors is Kirsty Racher.  If you wish to contact the Clerk or the Chair of Governors, please do so in writing (marking the envelope Private & Confidential) via our school office.

*An associate member is not a Governor but is appointed to help the governing board fulfil its duties and responsibilities. An associate member does not have voting rights at full governing board meetings.