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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y5 Autumn 2 2019

Topic 2: Space            

For the second part of the autumn term, we'll be focusing on science through our Space topic and trying to answer some of these questions:

  • What skills does an astronaut need?
  • How many planets are there in our solar system?
  • What are their names and relative positions?
  • How do the planets, Earth, sun and moon move in relation to each other?
  • What causes day and night?
  • Why do shadows change?
  • What is a force? What is gravity?
  • How do air resistance, water resistance and friction affect movement?
  • How are levers, pulleys and gears used to allow a smaller force to have a greater effect?


Writing discussion text and recounts including reading reports and articles in newspapers and trying to magpie lots of ideas before producing our own journalistic writing.  Biography - reading biographies, learning how to sequence facts and present information and anecdotes to entertain the reader.


Maths: Counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 1,000,000, counting forwards and backwards in negative numbers, reading Roman numerals. Calculating and solving problems: using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, finding multiples, factors and prime numbers.  Tables facts - knowing all tables facts to 12 x 12 from memory and using these to work out division facts e.g. if 7x8=56, then 56÷8=7. Statistics: Children will read and interpret line graphs and tables. Measurement: Children will calculate and measure area and perimeter. MyMaths' is used for some set homework tasks but also has many useful games for online home learning.

Computing:  We have IT once each week. We'll be learning how to create strong passwords and extending coding skills using 2Code and Scratch.

PE:  Indoors on Tuesday (5S and 5E) Space dance.   Outdoor PE on Wednesdays (5S) and Fridays (5E) - Tag Rugby. Outdoor PE is weather dependent so please have PE kit available in school at all times so we can make the most of dry weather!

RE: The Christmas Story - The Annunciation

French: Weekly lesson with Madam Miller (Tuesdays)