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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y5 Spring 2 2022

Topic 4: Potions

This half term’s topic is Potions. Our science work will be on solids, liquids and gases and changing state including reversible and irreversible changes. In English we will link our work to the Harry Potter stories. As part of the History curriculum, we will also be learning about ancient civilisations including The Shang Dynasty.

English: The children will producing written work inspired by Harry Potter. They will imagine a magical object which they will write an explanation for. Following that, the children will write their own stories based on wizarding and magic. 


Children will continue their work on fractions and then move onto decimals and percentages including:

-Read, write and order numbers with up to 3 decimal places.

-Round numbers with decimals to the nearest whole number.

-Recognise the % symbol.

-Write percentages as fractions and decimals.

-Know some percentage and decimal equivalence.


-Solids, liquids and gases.

-Separating materials using sieving and filtering.

-Reversible and irreversible changes.

History:    We will be looking at  earliest human civilisations  with a focus  on The Shang Dynasty.

Art: As part of our Harry Potter theme, we will be designing and creating our very own ‘sorting hats’.


-Data logging

-Graphics programs: PhotoSimple.

R.E: The empty cross: resurrection.

PE: Football and Gymnastics.

PSHE: Mental health and emotional wellbeing- dealing with feelings.