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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y6 Spring 1 2021

Topic 3: Iceland - Land Of Fire and Ice

Our topic this half-term is a geography-led study of Iceland and a small island called Heimaey.

The children will:

  • Find out where Iceland is in relation to the rest of Europe
  • Learn about the physical landscape and why particular geographical features occur there
  • Learn how the physical environment affects the lives of the people who live there
  • Compare the human and physical geography to our own local environment
  • Consider the economic activity and the importance of the local environment
  • Use a range of resources to draw conclusions about life in Iceland and how this might have changed over the years


  • Using classic poetry from Walter de la Mare as an inspiration for narrative writing showing tension and suspense
  • Radio 2 - 500 Words story writing competition
  • Learning to identify and write subordinate and relative clauses
  • Creating an Icelandic version of 'If You're Not from the Prairie'
  • Continued teaching and application of spelling rules and patterns


  • Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators
  • Multiplying and dividing fractions
  • Expressing missing number problems algebraically
  • Converting units of measurement using decimal notation
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Geometry – position and direction
  • Naming parts of a circle
  • Mental calculation strategies

Science - Classifying animals and living things

  • identifying ways of grouping organisms according to their characteristics
  • exploring ways of distinguishing between organisms that have similar characteristics
  • classifying plants according to their characteristics
  • finding out about Carl Linnaeus and his classification system
  • exploring what micro-organisms are and how they can be grouped

(Science / DT catch-up from Y5) Forces: Gears, levers and pulleys

Computing: Data
  • Creating branching diagrams and decision trees and using these to classify organisms
  • Creating and searching a tabular database
  • E-safety - we'll be taking part in Safer Internet Day

Looking at the work of Vincent Scarpace to inspire fish drawings using pen and ink / water colour, developing a range of designs to pattern-fill, then making print blocks to create monochrome print designs.

Composition and performance- creating compositions, using notation to record these and percussion and tuned instruments to perform.

PE: Gym: balances, sequences and wall bars  Games: Handball

RE:  Exploring the concept of power

  • What does power mean?
  • How is God’s power significant for Christians and Muslims?
  • What do I think about the concept of power?
  • How does power affects my own and other people’s lives?